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Vivaldi - The Four Seasons - Summer (1st Movement) Hop Skip Jump Electric Dream Chopin - Prelude Op. 28, No. 4 in E Minor Ride Em Out Cliffhanger Case Closed Come Around Brazen City Aperture Forward Together Triumphant Return Forever Wonder Turn Signal Fugitive - Orchestral Logo Irreplaceable Inhale Life Irvine Cliff Late Night Moment Lazy Days Piano Man Positive Thoughts Soft Wave Space Dome Special Smile Summer Strut The Hour of Departure Swamp Thang Blues for Bessie Happy Hippo Over Reacting Greensleeves (Jazz) Blurred Colors Le Chat Gourmand Slow Water Like Honey The Hustle Gentle Reflections Improved Design Tango Light Green Trees Close Call Jingle Bells (Shuffle) Bang It Day Drunk Shimmering City Lights Party Trooper Rhumba Mama Rock Riffer See Your View London Afternoon One Day Soon Ocean Drive I'll Follow You Slap Supremacy Take Time What About You ESP Funk Hands Up and Dance Silent Night (Ukulele Pop Version) Sunset in Africa Trapper Breezer Day Approaching Battle Playful Youth Race to the Finish Finding the Creator Kicking Up the Dust Beyond the Valley As It Goes Touch of Electro Journey of Life Jack and Jill Happy on Time Song of Summoning Bright and New Beyond the Clouds Live for Tomorrow Ripe A Joyous Christmas Just for the Night On the Folk Road Hot Top NYC Confessions First Beginning Firefly Nights Perfect Form At Sunrise Catastrophe Bursting Vibes Goodbye for Now Time to Leave Surge A New Star Positive Progress Keepsakes Turn Up the Bass Wake You Up Tropical Paradise The Best