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Towel Hari Keisha Neon Love Saturday Night Lights Cruiser Watching the Waves Be A Square Ice Castle Wonderful Bliss The Untold Endless Days Walking on Sunshine Delicious A Wish Comes True Ambient Sky Deliver Us From Evil Edit Seismic Wave Shape of Reality Stay the Night Go Travel TropX Autumn Story Into the Stars Misty Mountains Night Cat Comeback Energized Life One Challenge Open Road for Us In the Now Gazelle Smart Technologies Moonlight Motion Wrought Iron Closer to You The Disaster Damn Right! Warm Sea Keep on Celebrating Summer Techno Summer Travel Fly Away With Me One Sunset Tech Walking Through Flames On Deck Feel Great Everyday Closer Than Before From the Top of Skyscraper Groove Hip Hop On the Freeway Fire and Smoke In the Jungle Urban Vision Vignettes Reggae Jam Sharp Edges Touch of the Light Tropical Hip Hop Upper Side Urban Sphere 19th Peak Vista A Journey Within Born to Choose Eagle Eyes Journey to the Center of the Earth Saving Me City of Stars I Know A Dawn Fashion Conscious Summer Dance Music Your Other Side Aurora Anthem Run Away 3 Degrees Beyond the Horizon To the Right Falling Stars Queen of the South Face Off Fun & Free Ibiza Sunset New Times To Success Luminous Night Sunset Valley You and Me Against  Everyone Majesty Palm Our Friday Night Over on Ventura Colors United Autumn Spirit Emotional Vibe Lets Jam Man Slowly Breathing Palm Springs Tell Me Something Dakini Time of Winners