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In the Struggle Can't Break the Habit of You (1930s Mix) Old Road Vineyard Icelandic Skies You and Me in Neon Lights You're My Emotion Love Quest Rain Again Bright Winter's Day Riverside Romance Freeride We'll Grow Young Together (1940s Mix) Midnight Drive Soul Mover In the Deep Dark Days Ahead Winter Vibrations Longing for Romance The Long River Early Morning Class As Time Stands Still Valse French The Hidden Door Bittersweet Feeling Fields of Soul Answer the Phone Crystals and Colors Endurance I Saw You A Starry Night Alone Nearer My God to Thee Dreamsphere Grow Older The Tide My Universe Lamento Words of Wisdom Nobility A Somber Piano Time Goes By Incentive Deep Abyss Breaking Through the Clouds New Delhi Nights Final Call Fall Leaves Be Yourself Today Inspiration in the Sky Empty Paper Pinch Me Quiet Breeze Vitality Day of Decision Progressive and Ambient Abstract Technology Around the Feel A Heaviness Live Mirror A Slow Chase Sweeping Breeze Above the Horizon Think I Miss You A Sprinkling of Magic Dreamers Spring Forward Embracing You Easy Bake Blues Darker Days Time Machines Another Moment Back to Base Aim Higher Sayonara Vivaldi - The Four Seasons - Winter (3rd Movement) Cry Me an Ocean Winter Months Ugly Ducking It Is What It Is In the End They Parted A Little Time Indie Movie Unsafe Spaces The Unspoken Words Rational Approach Unavoidable Conclusion Mirror Reflection Analog Dreams Flower in Hand Westside Depth of Sound Mozart - Lacrimosa (From the Requiem Mass in D Minor) Sober Sundays Gloria Fight the Wolves Homesick Touch of A Heart Glacier Je T'aime Mon Amour