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Colours of the Rainbow Through the Clouds Ukulele Happiness Cruise Morale Up the Top Endless River Venture Further Happy Ways Lake Malawi Road Trip Wisdom Space in the Sky Smoothie Hold Your Hand Hip Is What My Home Sweet Home Peppy Step Jump This A Long Way Home Best Wish Get Easy Life in Reverse Out of Town Killin Time Story of Mine Running Down the Moon That's What I Want Thomas Hymn of the Truth Reach for the Moon New Morning Don't Get Your Tinsel in A Tangle Joy to the World Rock Ready Set Snow and Splendor Start of the Fall Up and Up Me and You A New Light Around the Fireplace Up the Hill Nobody but Us Summer Magic The Sound of Yes High Times Coins and Wood Dancing in the Dawn From the Top Molly on the Shore Late Summer Right on Track View to the Horizon The Beyond Arm in Arm Shoot to Score On Hold Ride the Wave You End and I Begin Easy Street Built to Dance Head to Malibu Excursion Sport Motivation The Vision Dirty Trap Amazing Day Mister Diamond On the Way to Success Phoenix The Road Home Jukebox Rusty Gun Ambient Moment Hip Hop Sunset Mollify Montana Skyline New Worlds Purple Sunset Sun Sleep Transparent Plastic Close to Home Dreams Collide Perfect Escape Stars Align Steadfast You're Daydreaming Levitated This May Be Love Money Vroom Vroom Into the Cosmos Optimum Shion Your Powerful Day Happy When the Sun Is Shining Traveling Days My Type Winner of the Game Vanquish Make A Fresh Start The Snowiest Morning