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Move Up Skipping on Summer Hop Skip Jump A Helping Hand Through the Clouds Vivaldi - The Four Seasons - Winter (2nd Movement) Never Get Old By the Pier Better Every Day Simply More Aperture Cutie Pie Forward Together You Know Encouragement The Dreamer Deep Sound Glass Slippers Happy Clappy Hollywood Boulevard Orange Horizon Out of Touch Irreplaceable Modern Bomb Path for Glory Rebuild and Rebound Soft Wave Spotlight Now Sweet Dreams The Whole Truth Charged Up Blues for Bessie Jingle Bells (Jazz) Sunshine Drops Feelings for You Le Chat Gourmand Jet Fuelled Limo Hidden Depths Like Honey One Step Gentle Reflections I Am the One The Beaten Path O Little Town of Bethlehem (Orchestral) Dream of Glory A Good Start Life in Reverse London Afternoon Getting Results Open Skies Happenstance Day Parade Slow Steps Simple Task The Lights of Londonderry Take Time Miles and Miles Gingerbread Rock Silent Night (Ukulele Pop Version) Oceans Apart Sunday in the Park Jack and Jill Up in A Hot Air Balloon Moment of Inspiration Happy on Time Fingertips Climb the Tower Beyond the Clouds Comb the Meadow Ripe Variations on Greensleeves Innocent A Joyous Christmas Bright Wave Always With You Sunstreaming On the Folk Road Our Life Beaming Farewell My Friend l'Esprit Heavy Dew Early Boat Under Water World This Just Out Startup Good Morning Sunday On A Sunday Morning Technology Vibes Gone Away Inspiring Reflections Split the Sky Southwest Hills Pose It Eve At Day's End Autumn Sky Sideline Inspiring Technologies Star of the County Down New Worlds HighSky