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Origin Story New Day Has Come Masters of the Sky Grateful Eternity Coming Back to Life Forward to the Future Star System Endless Ride Endless Horizon Bright New Dawn Over the Ashes Infinity Engine Heroes Never Last Black Hole A Farewell Our Favourite Story Hope Dies Last From the Inside Forever We Are Time to Change Your Life The Wait Is Over The Future Success The Dreamer Wakes Grow Up Determined Hearts A Successful Future Wonderful Places The Great Adventure Only by Night Little Energy Libya Dew in the Holy City Chronicles of Ramadan Dauntless The Kings Sign of the Times Passing Through Time Nothing More Lotus Live the Journey I Will Not Forget Dream Is Real Apophis Landing 8bit Adventure Things to Come Gentle Spirits Fluorescent Dream of Utopia Create A Dream Hold on to Me Cold Light Bending Light We Got It Visionaries Thunderstorms Spring Time Celebration Magnificent Nature Low Radiance Heroes Rising Epic Launch Epic Solution Beauty in Nature The Brave Heart No Limitations Inventor Last Goodbye Colonization of Mars Tranquil Force Top of the Rock To Believe in Oneself Through the Mists Since We Last Met Gradually A New Joyful Day Something New Again Unforgettable Adventure Connect With Aliens Caravan of Dreams One Palm Hill King's Feast Just Another Day Hyperlapse Eastern Borders City Scape Homeward Bound The Mysterious Mrs. Poorwater Living Life and Having Fun Forrózin Congo Jungle Capoeira Wooden Dreams Weather the Storm Everything Clicks Conquerors A New Anthem A Forgotten Dream True Potential True Meaning This Life The Hero's Ascent