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Beat Bash Brightly Venice Beach Our Lights Just Say Go I Want to Feel Live Another Day Road Trip Wisdom The Bottom Hip Is What Jive Stroll Scream Beat Stars Tonight Season Opener Disco Dreams The Hustle The Future Is Bright Best Wish Dream of A Dove Let You Go Oxygen Getting Results Out of Town Roll on Down Sidestep Snow Man Smiles Logo Thomas Reach for the Moon Red State Steady Down the Road Don't Get Your Tinsel in A Tangle Can't Stop My Smile Gingerbread Rock Hark the Herald (Ukulele Version) It Has Begun Deck the Halls Rock Future Jive Ready Set Christmas on the Savannah Funny and Sunny Breezer Day Day in the Sun Safety First Flight Out of Here Nobody but Us Ride the Storm Touch of Electro Sunday in the Park Kids Kitchen Apple It's All Good Moss on A Stone Times Past Optimistic Life Bright and New Comb the Meadow Molly on the Shore View to the Horizon See the Brighter Side Look Into the Vortex Disco Astronauts Shoot to Score The Method to Success On Hold Falling Kimias You End and I Begin Cookies 'N Cream Head to Malibu Playing in the Rain Farewell My Friend Ladybug Ball Introspective Let's Go Get It Working Nature Day Trip Early Boat Black Light District Driving Force Dusty Moonglow Last Train On the Way to Success Paving the Way Under the Galaxy Dream Walk Window Frost Phoenix Make Your Success Toys Southwest Hills Sleigh Rides and Snowflakes Pose It Eve Indie in My Mind Bright Like the Sun Sunshine Kiss Talk to You Pop Like It's Summer Steadfast Plucked Vibes Tropical Paradise Last Train to Pine Ridge