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Desert Spurs Bring Hope and Never Harm Blast Beats and Fun Buba Rumba Free Mind Through the Atmosphere High Above Northern Exposure Look to the Stars Magic Tricks Path for Glory Secret Beach The Hidden Door The Nature of Time Ode to the Deep Island Sun Pictures Young and Old Building Blocks Blaze Further Down the Path Halcyon Dreams Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 in C Minor (1st Movement) By the Fire Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers (From the Nutcracker Suite) In the Bleak Midwinter (Lounge) Get Up and Move Agents Compromised Child's Playground Best Years of Your Life Deep Reflection Inside the Tomb Vendetta Voices of the Nile Jungle Gym Carol of the Bells (Epic Version) Brighten the Skies Silent Night (Mellow Pop Version) Ocean View Bright Day Better for Us Visions of Sugarplums Another Round The Fight for All Emily Rolling Hills Above Pastures Above the Horizon Calling All Cars Subtle Times Born Again Distant Lights Have You Ever Arising Liberty Striker The Escapee Water Marbles Beyond the Odyssey Depth of Sound Raindrops in the Sun Aquiver Dystopian Warfare A State of Attraction Can't Stop Us I Saw You Silk Scarf Pocketless Casual Running on the Edge Make Amends Epic Dark Trailer A Piece of Cake On My Mind Point Mugu Follow to the End The Commitment Today in Motion When the Light Has Come The Hero in Me The Homecoming Spring Garden Universal Endeavor Ascending Fire Bless the World One Picture a Day Sign of the Times Dew in the Holy City Wonderful Places Flashbacks Indie Confidence New Memories Open Your Soul Adventures in the Park The Plan Trusted Solutions Meet Your New Neighbor Joyful Overture Out of Africa Beyond Inspiration