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Supernova Sunrise and Roll We Talk Azul Forever Lost Look Up Now My Universe Beats and Fun Venice Beach Zodiac End of the Horizon Time Walker I'll Let You Go Grip of Might Only Hope Olives Magic Tricks Purple Uno Running With the Wolves Something in the Air Tonight Secret Beach The Bottom Always Be Mine Speakers in the Trunk Scream Beat Shadows and Light Redux Roller Derby Alice's Dream The Chill Spot Share Is Care Early Warning Fashion in Paris Strut Stay by Me I See Red State Love Actually Brighten the Skies Future Jive Never Giving Up Change Breezer Day Corner Kick Finding the Creator Could It Be Maximize Now As It Goes Painting by Numbers Ghost House Wide Open Skies Locus Dancing in the Dawn Sais Stone Peaking Nighthawk Straight to the Top The Life Cycles Summer of Love Ride the Wave Falling Kimias Anything at All Built to Dance Funky Tune Extreme Action Head to Malibu Cloud Number 9 Hands in the Sky Rise With the Sun We Go Hard Grace Dirty Trap Dope Stuff Dancing Chipmunks Firefly Nights Eurotrip Step Up Now On A Sunday Morning On the Way to Success Changing Their Minds Dancing With Fire Nothing Better Than This Phoenix Super Charger Arms Wide Open Summer Drive Swiftness The Commitment Translucent It All Starts Here Roll Out Sun Dial Shadow Purple Sunset Chillin and Steppin A Broken Record Wake You Up Sunshine Travel Japanese Souvenir Keeping Your Head Up Bomba Speed and Adrenaline