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Colours of the Rainbow At the Top Beyond the Future Not the End Conjecture Logo Struggles Ahead A Sailor's Life at Sea City Nights Logo My Universe Come on People Ukulele Happiness Forward Dub Crack the Code Cruising Down the I405 Extra Pale You Want to Dance Eighteez Free Your Mind Through the Skies Moonlight River Lost in Longing Just Chillin' Midnight in Argentina Jingle Bites Quietest Snow Power Time Over the Summit Son of Rah Space in the Sky Sticks and Stars Old Skool Peppy Step No Gain Mozart - Lacrimosa (From the Requiem Mass in D Minor) Jump This That Holiday Feeling Dreamsphere Forged to Defeat Maritime Killin Time Grow Older Sunshines Backlash Come on Boy Hymn of the Truth In the Moment Shadows of Vengeance New Morning Sands of Time Steady Down the Road In the Clouds Joy to the World Rock No Way Back Start of the Fall Tis So Sweet to Trust Jesus Me and You A New Light Up the Hill Summer Magic Montmartre MOU5E Take the Throne Amazing Day Angels Awaken Take It to the Top Radiant Morning Sun City Hold on to Your Dreams Solid Heart Redemption Arc Relaxing Acoustics Inexplicable Magical Sun Collapse of Power Ignite The Way We Were Time Frame Transparent Plastic Beyond Horizon Close to Home Greatest Future Dark Tower We Can Live Forever The End of the Beginning Chatham Avenue Boundless Expanse Transform Vroom Vroom Inside the Mirror A Homecoming Fathers Land Soul Symphony The Tide Atmos A Carefree Day Wide Open Plains Winner of the Game The Snowiest Morning Beyond In My Summer Days