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Orders from above. concept of authoritarian boss Happy businessman go with a gold coin in his hand and his subordinates follow it with a pile of folders in his hands. Vector, illustration, flat Angry boss fights aggressively with a subordinate or colleague in a suit. Throws all the paper documents on the floor and they fly apart. Two of business man sitting at the office desk. The older one is boss.The young one is subordinate. Subordinate presenting the work progress to his boss and the result is meet the boss's satisfaction. Grateful boss handshaking employee congratulating with job promotion, appreciating good results, friendly ceo proud of subordinate shaking hand expressing gratitude, recognition, support and respect Supervising Staff - vector illustration of a business situation. Cartoon people characters of senior, young men at work. Manager, boss encouraging, tapping on shoulder subordinate, trainee, freshman Male subordinate receiving reprimand from boss for being too late at meeting, company director scolding unpunctual manager for missing deadline or not finishing work on time, pointing on wristwatch Human resources management vector icons Boss shaking hand of young shy woman congratulating successful employee with promotion, hiring intern, appreciating for good work result, rewarding while business team applauding supporting colleague Serious aged businesswoman leading corporate team meeting talking to multiracial employees, senior female boss ceo leader discussing work with diverse subordinates at company group briefing African boss handshaking caucasian subordinate congratulating with promotion, appreciating good work result, team supporting applauding black ceo and white employee shaking hands at group meeting Angry mean boss yelling at employee for missing deadline, executive manager scolding ineffective salesman showing bad work results, firing worker for failure, team leader dissatisfied with report Boss promoting young subordinate. Two businessmen handshaking, congratulating on promotion, ensure long-term prosperity, human resource solutions, hired effective team, advancement of company position Angry Boss is scolding manager. Office life. Businessman screaming at subordinate. Desktop at computer. Punishment at work. Vector illustration
Cartoon stick man drawing conceptual illustration of businessman sitting in sedan chair carried by two subordinates. Business concept of seniority, subordination and power. Business concept illustration of a businessman with pointed hand ordering his subordinate to start running Dissatisfied angry female executive scolding african employee for bad work at diverse group meeting, white woman boss reprimanding black subordinate for poor financial result at office team briefing Aged female mentor training young asian intern explaining computer work, senior friendly executive teaching new employee looking at pc screen, older teacher talks to student helping with online task Boss promoting male subordinate. Two businessmen handshaking, congratulating on promotion, hired young consultant, promising innovation, ready for new heights, getting higher pay rate, financial bonus Angry company executive dismisses employee for paperwork error, mad ceo discharges ineffective manager after bad work, furious chief fires subordinate dissatisfied with poor performance, youre fired People Isometric 3D, the big boss businessman and business woman, business clothes. The concept of office workers, director and subordinates isolated on a dark Picture of young boss scolding his sad subordinate, isolated on white background Executive mentor explaining intern or new employee online task pointing at computer screen, female boss supervisor teaching young girl to use corporate software or helping with difficult assignment Angry asian executive shouting at subordinates scolding for bad results in report at diverse meeting, mad chinese female ceo boss leader dissatisfied with team incompetence reprimanding employees Angry female furious boss scolding employee at mixed-race team meeting, firing dismissing depressed office worker for failure, bad work results, being ineffective, pointing finger, its your fault Dissatisfied senior woman boss scolding employees for bad work at diverse group meeting, angry female executive team leader reprimanding subordinates for poor financial result at office briefing Girl with touchpad looking at her employer and listening to his comments about new project Simple Set of Business People Related Vector Line Icons. 
Contains such Icons as One-on-One Meeting, Workplace, Business Communication, Team Structure and more.
Editable Stroke. 48x48 Pixel Perfect. Handsome serious man entrepreneur listening to report of his young subordinate female co-worker while sitting on armchair with his another colleague during work meeting in office settings near window Chief manager and several employees of subordinates. One line drawing isolated vector object by hand on a white background. Manipulating arm on a textured  background Angry businessman with megaphone shouting at subordinates. Colored flat vector illustration. Isolated on white background. Bullying At Work. Angry boss berating his subordinates pointing out shortcomings and misses in work
Female subordinate receiving reprimand from boss for being too late at meeting. Pointing on wristwatch. Time management and punctuality at work concept. Strict boss and employee subordinates. 3d illustration Business people, smiling, successful business partnership, discussing logo, website design, contract, negotiation room for rent. Portrait of mid aged businessman with subordinates at the background Smiling chef trying to calm crying girl. He giving her handkerchief. Good leader and unhappy subordinate concept Business concept illustration of a leader pointing to the wrong way to his subordinates. Bad leadership concept Business concept illustration of a leader pointing to the wrong way to his subordinates. Bad leadership concept  Gold shiny badge with list icon and Subordinate Clauses text inside Subordination black icon concept. Subordination flat  vector symbol, sign, illustration. boss scolding her employee. business woman getting a reproof from chief manager. superior and subordinate professional relationship. Staff retention concept with employee tied up boss reproaching her employee. business woman getting a reprimand or reproof chief manager. superior and subordinate professional relationship. boss giving instructions to his subordinate employee. business communication. office workspace The boss and the subordinate are discussing the document. Vector illustration, a flat style design. Black boss firing shocked white employee stunned by dismissal notice, confused office worker frustrated by unfair termination looking at executive discharging subordinate with gesture, getting fired Principles of subordination linear icon concept. Principles of subordination line vector sign, symbol, illustration. Senior team leader teaching new employee explains planning work schedule in office with planner calendar, aged executive helps young worker using corporate applications on computer, mentoring concept Aged female mentor boss smiling looking at computer screen happy for achievement and good online work result of young male intern, senior woman executive leader supervising teaching helping colleague Vector concept illustration of person manipulating people behind the scenes. Subordination linear icon concept. Subordination line vector sign, symbol, illustration. woman in a business suit speaking in front of subordinates, isometric image Smiling female boss promoting rewarding handshaking motivated worker showing respect while team applauding congratulating colleague at group meeting, appreciation and employee recognition concept young serious and upset business man on necktie looking bossy angry and curious as if wondering what happened or scolding subordinate on isolated background having office problem Surprised confused caucasian employee receiving dismissal notice, letter or document with unexpected news from african boss, worried shocked office worker getting fired in written message at work Working nuances. Professional warehouse manager holding a tablet while talking to his subordinate Business people vector line icons Caucasian team leader or company boss promoting successful african manager handshaking expressing gratitude, executive shaking hand of black employee appreciating for good work results or rewarding Sexual harassment and abuse at work. A female employee trying to push off her lady boss who's making inappropriate advances towards the young subordinate. The victim being frightened and disgusted. Irritated boss pointing on wristwatch, dissatisfied ceo demanding explanations of female manager, nervous employee making excuses for missed deadline, intern apologizing for being tardy, coming late Subordinate relations. Nice unpleasant adult man standing behind hid secretary and showing his sexual interest while harassing her boss reproaching her employee. business woman getting a reprimand from chief manager. superior and subordinate professional relationship. Young team leader correcting offended senior employee working on computer in office, female manager scolding aged old worker for mistake or incompetence, different generations and age discrimination Angry senior woman boss firing unprofessional employee with hand gesture at diverse team meeting, dissatisfied aged female executive dismissing incompetent manager for bad work result in boardroom boss reproaching her employee. business woman getting a reprimand from chief manager. superior and subordinate professional relationship. Dictator's arm holds  strings for manipulation on black background. Male boss or team leader shaking hand of female successful employee congratulating with promotion or rewarding, appreciating for good work result  while business team applauding, recognition concept Manager and subordinate. Positive nice man holding a tablet while showing it to his subordinate Low angle view of confident young entrepreneur conducting negotiations with business partners while gathered together at spacious open plan office, pretty subordinate assisting him Female leader supervising work result of subordinate, colleagues discuss financial marketing statistics, executive manager checking report at pc screen of employee, mentor teaching intern, rear view Serious African American boss handshaking congratulating proud Caucasian subordinate with closing profitable deal, successful business strategy, good personal job, achievements, welcoming new member Mad Caucasian employer yelling at depressed African American worker, blaming for business failure and documents mistake, humiliating black subordinate. Concept of work discrimination, demonization Caucasian employer congratulating handshaking African American subordinate worker with new job position, work promotion, winning project, developing successful business strategy. Concept of leadership Beautiful business woman is pointing a pen to notebook computer for advising her subordinate or colleague to solve a problem. Charming beautiful businesswoman call her boss or customer for the problem Orders from above. concept of authoritarian boss  Gold badge or emblem with Gold badge or emblem with air drone icon and Subordinate Clauses text inside air drone icon and Subordinate Clauses text inside Management, team work, business concept symbols. Thin line art icons with flat colorful design elements. Modern linear style illustrations isolated on white. Woman boss and male subordinate. The male bringing a pile of documents and woman pointing the way . Vector, illustration, flat Boss with aggressive expression threatens with violence to employee, violence at workplace. Young men in formal wear or businessmen fight, isolated on white. Subordination and conflicts concept. Set of vector illustrations of a leader with subordinate office workers holding negotiations behind the tribune, at the table and sitting on the couch isolated on white background in cartoon style. Vector set of linear icons related to skills, empowerment leadership development and qualities of a leader. Mono line pictograms and infographics design elements - part 6 Serious woman boss scolding employees for bad results or discussing important instructions at multiracial team meeting, dissatisfied female executive talking to multiracial team at boardroom briefing Portrait of smiling African American worker laughing looking at camera, black office employee posing for company business catalogue, having photo shoot at workplace, subordinates working at background Man in suit or businessman sit on briefcase with desperate expression near confident colleague, isolated on white background. Leader and subordinate concept. Boss stand near subordinated employee. Diverse stressed subordinates scared of angry dissatisfied female boss scolding employees at team meeting, strict businesswoman leader showing authority reprimanding workers for bad work results Business concept illustration of a businessman with pointed hand ordering his subordinate to start running Male CEO pointing at watch reminding diverse subordinates group about meeting deadline, hurrying to finish work faster. Time is money. Concept of leadership, coworking and target date The leg of a girl, chained to a tree for a rusty chain. the concept of slavery, subordination and sadomasochism. reportage shooting. Boss encourages people handshaking congratulate the promotion of hiring a marketing consultant to get a higher salary.Concept Business Partners team to compete with competitors. Subordinate Clauses arabic style emblem. Arabesque decoration. Corporate subordination. Nice moody unhappy woman sitting at the table and listening to her boss while being sexually harassed by him Subordinate abstract orange mosaic emblem Subordinate with denim texture Subordinate Clauses written on a chalkboard Subordinate Clauses sky blue water badge background.  Gold emblem or badge with chart icon and Subordinate Clauses text inside Office Scene - vector illustration of a business situation. Cartoon people characters of young female, male colleagues at work. Manager, supervisor, secretary, subordinate discuss process, giving task Subordinate Clauses christmas emblem. Sad dreary  subordinate woman being accused to making mistake by man colleague in company office